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Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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North of Center

Leadership Development

About Us

North of Center is a leadership consulting firm specializing in leadership coaching, team development, & public engagement (including crisis communication & real time media relations -- both traditional and social). Our team members share a steadfast belief that leadership is service -- and service is what makes life worth living. We come from the public, private, military, non-profit, small-business, & commercial sectors & have helped propel leaders to success from battlefields to boardrooms. Our diverse & extensive leadership experience provides our clients with cross-industry perspective useful in overcoming any challenge. We have managed national and international issues, advised senior executives,and developed & executed successful strategic communication plans for multinational and interagency teams — often in austere environments under high-pressure conditions that allowed little room for error when dealing simultaneously with numerous complex tasks to meet unforgiving deadlines. We assume you are an expert in your area of business. Our expertise is in leadership. You are good (maybe one of the best) at your thing; we are good (arguably one of the best) at leadership — and we know how to add our expertise to yours to make you even better at what you do. NoC will work with you 1 to 1 to make you a better leader (even if you are already a great one); 1 to Many to improve your leadership team (even if it is already terrific); and 1 to All to strengthen your relationship with clients and customers (even if those relationships are already solid).


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