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Friday, January 28, 2022
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Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards

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About Us

The Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards are a group of volunteers who help the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service preserve and maintain the three National Wildlife Refuges in the western Columbia River Gorge:
· Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge - 1,049 acres near Washougal
· Franz Lake National Wildlife Refuge - 590 acres near Beacon Rock
· Pierce National Wildlife Refuge - 329 acres near Beacon Rock

Our mission is to promote public awareness, appreciation and active support for Steigerwald Lake, Franz Lake, and Pierce National Wildlife Refuges.

We do this by:
· Educating people of all ages about the purpose and benefits of the Refuges and the opportunities for non-consumptive recreation on them (e.g., bird watching, nature photography, hiking)
· Supporting the operating activities of the Refuges
· Advocating for the Refuges to the community, news media, and government officials
· Encouraging people to volunteer their time and talents for the benefit of the Refuges
· Recruiting Refuge Stewards members and volunteers

Our projects include:
· Restoring habitat by planting and maintaining native shrubs and other vegetation and removing blackberries and other non-native species
· Coordinating public outreach and environmental education programs in local communities to generate awareness and support
· Monitoring water quality and coordinating with state and local agencies and the public to improve water quality of streams impacting the Refuges
· Developing or improving public use facilities
· Raising funds to support these projects


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