Tranquil Tabby



About Us

Tranquil Tabby is a feline-exclusive, in-home veterinary practice serving Southwest Washington in Camas, Vancouver and Washougal. We bring quality fear free veterinary medicine into the comfort of the home with our mission to reach more cats in our area, including those who are not receiving routine care due to their fear of traditional in-clinic vet visits.

We know that most cats are fearful of the in-clinic veterinary experience, and this is an understandable barrier to care. While we can never completely eliminate fear, anxiety, or stress, our Fear Free certified team members strive to ensure the most calm and respectful experience as we care for your kitties at home where they feel the most safe.

Our services include vaccinations, testing, preventative care, integrative medicine, Solensia injections, select sick appointments, and case management. Visit our website to to learn more and to request an appointment. We are excited to welcome you and your kitty cats into the Tranquil Tabby family!