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Proactive Network Technologies offers a complete IT Managed Services package (ProactIT) for any size business. Most outsourced IT support companies operate with a ''reactive'' approach. They are usually contacted when there is a problem or need something fixed. This usually results in high and inconsistent rates, which makes budgeting for this nearly impossible. Our ''proactive'' solution allows us to monitor and manage your network efficiently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By identifying and resolving potential issues before outages occur, this approach saves your company time and money. Unlimited on-site and remote support is included in our ProactIT managed service plan.

Using our state-of-the-art software, we monitor every single device on your network. In addition, this software can also monitor your website, even if it is hosted by a third party company. This is essential for companies with an e-commerce presence. It also gives us the ability to install security patches to all of your workstations and servers instantly. No more waiting until the IT consultant comes to install them manually. It provides secure remote access capabilities, asset management, detailed reports and a complete trouble ticket system. This gives us an edge over many of our competitors, creating a WIN/WIN situation for us and our clients. Business owners and internal IT contacts also receive executive summary reports that summarize their IT assets, software licensing, security updates, and overall network health.


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  • Managed Services
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  • Business Continuity
  • Email Security Services