Altitude Risk Mitigation

Altitude Risk Mitigation



About Us

Our mission is to provide affordable, experienced based, high-quality training and guidance to our Nation’s first responders. Altitude Risk Mitigation currently offers leadership and tactical courses for law enforcement to include patrol, SWAT, and covert operations. Customized courses are available to focus on your individual agency needs.

Our vision is to elevate operational and mental capabilities by introducing the theory of risk mitigation, which impacts the most senior command staff to the most junior line officer. Optimal organizational performance is attained by utilizing a whole-agency approach to strengthen societal trust while reducing the risk of injury and litigation.

As the practice of enforcing law has changed, so shall we. We must be able to operate with dignity and compassion all the while protecting our agency, our selves, the citizens of our community and the subjects of our investigations. It is emboldened upon us to re-establish the trust of our community as we serve them.

We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and your senior staff to discuss what Altitude Risk Mitigation may be able to bring to your agency.


  • Leadership training
  • Reality Based Training
  • Tactical Training
  • Operational Consultation


UTM Reality Based Training gear
Lecture on Risk Mitigation in LE
RBT training
Leadership training
SWAT training
Critical Incident Management